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Know everything before going to study abroad


While it is obvious that mastering the language of the host country is an advantage, many foreign establishments offer lessons in English . Be careful, however, depending on the training you plan, you may be asked to justify your level of English so that your host institution is assured that you are able to follow its courses. Most of the time, institutions require a certificate of result in the TOEIC or TOEFL exams, but a language test can also be considered.

How to finance a mobility project?

Studying abroad is expensive, especially compared to the tuition fees known in France. It is certain that the financing of this project is therefore a major issue in its implementation. If the student does not have personal assistance, it is possible for him to take out a student loan or, depending on his destination, to work during his year of mobility, in order to be self-financing.

Please note, the right to work as a student in a foreign country is not automatically acquired! Do not hesitate to get information from your host institution about the rules governing the work of foreign students and any authorizations to be obtained. It will never be recommended to work without authorization because a control could lead to serious consequences, in particular the expulsion from your host country.

Is there any financial aid to support me in my mobility project?

It is quite possible to benefit from financial aid to support a mobility project , whether you are an independent student or whether you are going through a school exchange program . Financial aid is not automatic and requires the creation of a file by the student, which must begin by identifying the aid available. By way of example, we can name regional aid and scholarships granted by French and foreign establishments. However, assistance will never be guaranteed and each request must be motivated and submitted on time, which is why it is crucial to start your international mobility file as soon as possible.

How to obtain or renew your visa?

If you have to go to a destination that requires a visa or a permit to stay or study there, you must obtain the necessary documents from the competent authorities in each country. So, to go to study in Thailand for example, you will have to contact the Thai embassy in France.

Each country has its own rules and time limits. You may have to go to the embassy (still in the capital of your country of origin) to complete some of the procedures. Depending on the country, the list of required documents may vary. Be aware that you may be asked to provide an extract from your criminal record in order to obtain your visa .

In the event of a visa renewal request while you are already in your host country , a common mistake is to contact the French embassy, ​​and the French administration can do nothing for you in this case and you must go to the immigration services of your country of study . The key word is “anticipation”, do not wait until the last moment to start your procedures because it will be impossible for you to precisely control the administrative deadlines.

How to find accommodation abroad?

Finding accommodation abroad is one of the greatest anxieties of students seeking international mobility . Most establishments offer student accommodation for at least some of the applicants. Here again, it will be important to quickly submit your complete file because places are scarce and university accommodation is most of the time the most advantageous financially. Do not hesitate to quickly contact the administration of your host institution to find out in detail the options available to you.

If university accommodation is not an option that concerns you then an individual apartment or a shared apartment is also possible.

Sharing accommodation is one of the solutions favored by exchange students. You can find roommates and even accommodation through groups created on social networks, through your host university or through ad sites like Craig List.

It is still quite possible to contact real estate agents before your arrival thanks to their website so that they can organize visits as soon as you arrive on site. This solution will undoubtedly prove to be the most expensive but also the safest, on condition that you choose your real estate agent carefully.

How to build a circle of friends in a new country?

The fear of isolation is natural when you move to another country and it is certain that the experience can be more trying for some. There are still a few tips to facilitate your integration. .

The first place of socialization for a student remains his school , although COVID-19 complicates matters, this statement remains true. Find out about the activities organized by your university , there are often integration periods for new students and clubs that will allow you to make your first meetings. Social networks can be of great help to you, most of them Sectors have support and communication groups, particularly on Facebook, for their students.

Take your courage in both hands and dare to propose an outing, it would be very surprising not to have any positive response knowing that you will not be the only newcomer.

Finally, widening your social circle can be a good idea to immerse yourself in your host country so why not register for sports, musical arts, etc.

What to do in the event of a serious unforeseen event?

It should not be an easy solution but the role of the French embassies and in particular of the consulates attached to them is, among other things, to provide assistance to all nationals of the country that the embassy represents. by respecting local laws. Thus, if you find yourself in an emergency situation and you need to ask for help, it will be useful for you to have the contact of the French consulate available. The consulate can help you, especially in the event of assault abroad, arrest, theft or loss of your papers, etc.

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