Draw Butterfly for Kids

A Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Draw Butterfly for Kids


Do your children find it difficult to draw a butterfly on a sheet of paper? If yes, how will you help them illustrate the perfect illustration of butterflies? The best way would be to teach them how to draw a butterfly with the help of step-wise instructions. Besides this, you can also focus on improving children’s knowledge of butterflies through drawing. What is the purpose of teaching children drawing? It basically develops artistic skills and improves their knowledge of various topics in a creative way. It is possible that children might find it challenging to illustrate butterflies on paper. In such cases, following step-by-step tutorials is extremely helpful.

Butterflies are beautiful-looking insects with small bodies and colorful wings. These wings are symmetrical, with amazing designs and patterns on them. Learning butterfly drawing will help children understand the physical structure of the insect and the interesting facts associated with them. What comes to your mind when you see a butterfly? These are beautiful, colorful, winged and delicate insects. The body of the butterfly is divided into three parts, such as the head, thorax and abdomen. You can find butterflies anywhere in the world. The primary function of a butterfly is to collect nectar from different flowers.

Kids are always excited to see butterflies around them. They try to catch and hold them in their hands to see how tiny they are. Children love capturing butterflies in the form of drawings and art so that they can enhance their artistic abilities. It is needless to say that butterflies are one of the popular drawing themes for children, as they can learn different shapes, patterns and colors while drawing. Understanding the physical characteristics of butterflies will enable children to recognize different species of butterflies effortlessly. Sometimes, they find drawing certain parts of the butterflies on paper. In such cases, it would be great if you could provide them with step-wise instructions for an effective drawing experience.

Step-wise Instructions on How to Draw a Butterfly for Children

The step-by-step instructions on butterfly drawing for kids are mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Draw a small circle on a sheet of paper for the butterfly’s head.
  • Step 2: Draw a small circle below the butterfly’s head for the thorax.
  • Step 3: Draw an elongated loop below the butterfly’s thorax for the abdomen.
  • Step 4: Draw a pair of small circles on the butterfly’s head for the eyes.
  • Step 5: Draw a pair of curved lines above the head of the butterfly for the antennas.
  • Step 6: Draw a pair of leaf-like structures on the left and right sides of the butterfly’s abdomen for the forewings.
  • Step 7: Draw a pair of leaf-like structures smaller than the fore wings for the hind wings.
  • Step 8: Draw a few lines, circles and patch-like structures on the butterfly’s wings to give the appearance of the patterns and designs.
  • Step 9: Finally, color the illustration of the butterfly using appropriate color pencils or crayons.

Benefits of Learning How to Draw a Butterfly for Kids

Learning about butterflies enables children to understand their role in the ecosystem as pollinators. Did your children know that butterflies are transparent? It is made up of minute scales. The colors you observe on their wings are due to the reflection of your surroundings. Besides this, practicing pumpkin, daffodil, moth or mushroom drawing will enable children to expand their knowledge of various topics that they must know in a creative way. Therefore, the benefits of learning how to draw a butterfly for kids are mentioned below.

  • It improves children’s concentration and motivation to learn more about butterflies through drawing.
  • It develops creativity and imagination skills in children.
  • It enables children to express their ideas and thoughts on paper effectively.
  • It helps children draw different lines, shapes and patterns of butterflies systematically.

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