The academy school of pune

The academy school of pune adopts the finnish style of education


Finland is every depressed soul’s dream. It is the happiest country in the world. But what are the parameters that lead to that?

  • Healthy expectancy of life
  • Social support
  • Gross domestic product
  • Freedom of choices
  • Perception of corruption
  • Generosity towards others
  • Politics concentrates on the well-being of the people
  • Enjoyment of life
  • Honesty in government

They say Finnish happiness is a skill. The methods they use to teach the schools to adopt happiness are –

  • Nutrition
  • Nature
  • Exercise
  • Calm
  • Rest
  • Learning

Guess if the whole globe could concentrate only on these parameters? There would be fewer teenage suicides, fewer toxic workplaces, and fewer people suffering from mental health disorders.

There is always sunshine for the depressing night. This sunshine is the Academy School of Pune.

TAS is one of the best schools in Pune as it has the Finnish style of teaching its students. It imbibes the importance of the emotional intelligence quotient along with quality education.

TAS, the ICSE School in Pune, aims to provide 21st-century skills and real-world experiences to students. The NEP – National Education Policy experience stations cover the five Finnish styles of schooling –

  • Diverse modes of Expression
  • Exploration and Interactions with the Environment
  • Richness of Languages
  • The Community and I
  • Grow, Move, and Develop

Children are usually grumpy in the early mornings at 6 or 7 am. The Academy School in Pune acknowledges this fact. And, so, it starts the schooling at 9 am. It gives ample time for the children and the parents to begin their day and enter the school with wide smiles on their faces.

Most people complain that the students who study at schools that focus on extracurricular activities along with academics do not have a good grip on academics or their concepts are unclear. It is precisely the opposite here at this Preschool in Pune.

Every subject is not treated as an individual subject. In mathematics, the focus is also on coding. In geography, the focus is also on biology. Imparting knowledge in abundance is one of the core features of The Academy School.

The ICSE curriculum is vast and pretty tough for students. But this ICSE School in Wakad has gladly clubbed the toughest education system with the Finnish style of teaching. The kids understand concepts in a more realistic and stress-free way.

The faculty is committed to acquiring excellence and not just plainly byhearting lines mentioned in the books. Innovative learning facilities with a rich experience in education help kids say hello to the future with ample capability and appropriate confidence.

The tagline of the school is “Happy At School”. TAS wishes every single student to feel happiness from within.

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